Worthen Curbside is Back

Worthen Library is bringing back curbside pick-up. We will be offering Worthen Curbside Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call or email the library to make requests. You can access our library catalog here. You do not need a login or password to search the collection. 

The Worthen Library staff will also be available by phone during this time to answer questions about digital resources, offer reader’s advisory, or offer any virtual support you need. You can contact library staff at any time via email.

We believe library resources are vital during this time, but so is your safety and our staff will be working hard to keep you safe. After books are returned in the drop box they will be kept in book quarantine for a week and for outgoing books each cover will be disinfected before being put on a cart by the library’s drop box. 

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