Reserve the Community Room

The Worthen Library Community Room is a shared resource for the town of South Hero and beyond. Please use the form below to submit a request to use the room. Please make all requests at least 24 hours before the room is required. If you have less than 24 hours please call the library.

Room Use Fee

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Free
  • Private or Commercial Use: $25 in cash or check written to the Worthen Library

Building Usage

1. Building usage requests will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. 

2. Authorization for use of the library will be granted only for times when use will not interfere with regular library hours of operation or previously scheduled events. Library-sponsored events will be given first priority. 

3. Smoking and drug use on library property is strictly prohibited. 

4. The Board shall provide equal access and shall not discriminate against any group based on the purpose for which a group is organized. 

5. The Board may limit commercial use. 

6. Applicants are compelled to report the number of attendees to their event and report building use attendance to the library director via the library usage form. 

7. The use of the library facilities is under the direct control of the library director, subject to the limitations imposed by the Board of Trustees. The Board retains the ultimate right to authorize or deny use of the facilities and to impose fees (e.g. damage, cleaning). 

8. Applicants who wish to use the Library must obtain the key from the librarian library hours. This key must be returned immediately after use. 

Please use this form to request the use of the community room.