August Events

Wednesday August 3rd 10am: MAGIC! with Tom Joyce Tom Joyce is back for another year with one of his amazing magic shows! New books and new tricks, all in one exciting event! Always a crowd favorite! Ages 4 and up.

 Wednesday August 3rd 6:30pm: Thomas Durant Visser Presents Memory Landscapes and Heritage Sites on the Champlain IslandsThis richly illustrated research presentation by Professor Thomas Durant Visser of the University of Vermont History Department and Historic Preservation Program explores how surviving features of historic cultural landscapes and heritage buildings on the Champlain Islands in Vermont’s Grand Isle County provide clues to the past that may resonate as memory landscapes.The presentation will be to include a series of then-and-now and/or now-and-then image sequences that focus on visual clues that may serve as evidence of the landscape history of the Islands. To broaden perspectives, Professor Visser will draw on images and comments from historic post cards and other archival sources, including UVM Special Collections. Many images will be from roadside examples in South Hero, as well as examples from Grand Isle, North Hero and Isle LaMotte. His plan will be to “open the floor” at the end of the talk to encourage the audience to share stories about their favorite memorable places on the Islands, as time allows.

Friday August 5th 11am: Watershed Wildlife with VINS –  We’ll trace the raindrop’s journey with a watershed model, and meet two live animal ambassadors who depend on this cycle, while learning ways we can help our land and oceans stay healthy.

Saturday August 6th 10am: Rube Goldberg Machines –  Solve a simple task in the most overcomplicated, inefficient, and hilarious way possible. Winner will get a Wally’s Gift Card!

Tuesday & Wednesday August 9th and 10th 10am: Toy Tinker Lab –  We’ll be destroying and putting back together kids toys and making Frankenstien toys. Mwahahahaha!

Thursday August 11th 10 am: Foldscope – We’ll be making our own folded microscope and examining strawberry DNA and moreSaturday August 13th 10am: Paper Circuit Board – Games Make your own light up board game using paper circuits

Wednesday August 17th 6:30pm: Katharine Montstream – 33 Years of Influencing: Exploring the Relationship between Art and Lake ChamplainRenowned Vermont artist Katharine Montstream will share stories of her artistic journey: how it began, how it turned into a bustling card business, how her art grew to become a thriving family business, and how Lake Champlain has played, and continues to play, a major year-round (there will be ice stories!) role in her art and her life.Thursday August 18th 10am: Fairy Houses –  Make your very own fairy house to take home using natural materials – just like the fairies would. Friday August 19, 10 am: End of Summer Reading with Mike and the Big Blue Trunk  – Mike and the Big Blue Trunk is back for our end of summer reading party! Held outdoors weather permitting with ice cream, lemonade, and balloon animals for everyone! All Ages.

Wednesday August 31st 6:30pm: Craig Heindel- Geologic History & Hydrology of Lake ChamplainDid you know that not long ago, the Champlain Islands were under 400 feet of water? That before Lake Champlain was fresh water, it was saltwater? With whales? Learn how the Islands and Lake Champlain were carved out during the Ice Age, a time of massive glaciers and frozen landscapes. Geologist Craig Heindel will take you on a tour of Lake Champlain’s geologic history, and will forever change the way you understand our landscape.