Give a Gift for the Future

Each year, South Hero voters support the Library with their tax money. We are deeply grateful to our community for this continued support of day to day operations, staffing, collection development and programming. Your gift as a donor to the library helps cover the added operating costs of our new Library and provides funding for expanding our programs and resources to meet changing needs of our community. It has also given us the flexibility to continue to serve our community throughout most of the pandemic.

For example, added funding allowed the Library to purchase an extended Zoom license to host programming. The first use of this was for the Racial Justice Forum, attended by over 400 people! Since then, cooperative programming with the South Hero Land Trust has continued to attract more people than even the in person programming pre-pandemic. Online resources have been expanded, including the new Learning Express, which helps students of all ages enrich their learning. Thanks to our new building, we were able to reopen the Library’s doors after a short period of curbside only lending last July — and for months remained one of only about 25% of Vermont’s public libraries to be fully open to the public.

Seed funding from Ed Worthen’s estate has established a Sustainability Fund. Our goal is to grow this Fund so that it can provide steady, ongoing support for our Library to supplement the funding raised from taxes and ensure ongoing library operations. Gifts to this fund will provide a buffer to minimize the Library’s increased budgetary needs on the taxpayer and provide the flexibility to add new programming and to address current issues.

Gifts can be made to the Sustainability Fund through current philanthropy or through gift planning for a donation through your estate. Learn more here about ways you can made a contribution to support the Sustainability Fund as well as current operations. However you choose to give — through a gift today, or by letting us know of a future gift through your estate — you will become a member of the Worthen Society