Destination Imagination!

Worthen Library is looking for volunteers to help manage our amazing destination imagination teams. Last year our team “3rd Grade Gigglers” won 3rd place in the state tournament, we had an great time and everyone (myself included) learned a lot.

This year the library would like to host two teams Elementary Level and Middle Level and we need volunteers to manage the teams. DI meets once a week after school for an hour October through the to the tournament in March. Here is the website for more info:

This was a really special experience for both managers and kids and we’re excited to offer more opportunities to participate this year!

Please contact Keagan at the library if you’re interested or have any questions.

From Skiffs to Sail Ferries

Wednesday September 18th at 6pm

The stories of Vermont naval history and commercial shipping have been well documented by generations of historians. However, the traditions of small boat building from throughout our state have remained untold. The bulk of our historic boatbuilding traditions involves Vermonters building their own boats, whether for pleasure or commercial use. The historical record illuminating this subject resides today mostly in family stories and photo collections.

In this slide presentation, Douglas Brooks shares his research on these traditions, and his work in recreating some of these historic vessels.