We Want Your Ideas!

As published in The Islander on Feb. 20, 2018.

We would LOVE to hear your ideas about the programs and collections YOU would like to see at the South Hero library.  Be wild!  Be practical!  Be silly!  Be creative!  No idea is too off-the-wall!   I have been blown away by the energy and passion of the people in the Islands for having fun, learning, and just coming together to do something different.    Our combined brain power will make our library ROCK!

Let’s consider what we’ve been able to do together even in our current small space in the Folsom School – and how we can make it even better now,  and in the future when we have our beautiful new building.

In the past year, the library loaned close to 11,000 items to the community.   These are books, CDs, e-books, large print books, museum passes, and even puzzles.  I figure that if individuals had had to pay even $10 to buy each of the items that they borrowed from the library for free, that would have cost them $110,000!  What other books or sharable items would you like to see at the library?  Think outside the box… we have great stuff like an egg-incubator and a sewing machine… what else do we need?

Programs at the library are really taking off too.  In the past year hundreds of people have enjoyed a wide variety of programs and we’d love to hear your ideas about what else we can do (or what we should repeat because you loved it!).  Programs can be very practical – like the classes we’ve had on technologies like Photoshop, email, and Facebook.  Programs can also be silly – like the sleepovers we’ve had for stuffed animals (we had to find beds for 50 stuffed animals one night).  Programs can be motivational – like the reading challenge we’ve had for three year olds or the prizes for teens.  Programs can be a fun way to enjoy your neighbors in a group activity like Mah Jong or a book club.  Programs can be an opportunity to try making something with your hands – like quilting, sewing, basket weaving, drawing, needle felting, or a terrarium.  Programs can also be just plain fun – like family game night, or making decorations for various holidays together.   Programs can focus on tots, teens, families, seniors, business owners… you name it.   What programs would you like to see?   What would be fun or helpful to you?

Put on your thinking cap and let me know what you think!  You can reach me at 802.372.6209, southherolibrary@gmail.com, or just stop by the library anytime from 3pm to 8 pm Tue – Thu, 3pm – 6pm on Fri, or 9am – 3pm Sat.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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