Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior

Saturday September 23rd 10am

Are you struggling with your dog’s undesirable behaviors? Have you “read all the books” and, “tried everything” and still your dog is a barking maniac, lacks recall, pulls on the leash, is a fussy eater, and/or is fearful/anxious/reactive/aggressive? Have you taken your dog to obedience classes, followed the trainer’s instructions faithfully and still your dog’s behaviors don’t improve? Or, were you asked to leave the obedience class because of your dog’s behavior? Maybe your vet even recommended medication for your dog?

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just wanted to understand WHY your dog behaves as it does so maybe you wouldn’t feel so frustrated?

OR…do you have a good relationship with your dog, but always wonder if there is something missing from it?

Rebecca Trono of Tranquil Dogs Consulting will share a simple, calm, positive and all-natural method that addresses all non-medical behaviors in dogs while helping you understand the real whys of your dog’s behaviors. This method is not obedience, it’s an enlightened, respectful way to help you see the world from your dog’s perspective, allowing you to shape your dog’s behaviors using your dog’s own language; a method that goes to the true heart of why your dog what it does while helping you to transform your relationship with your dog to one of true trust and willing cooperation through clear communication that your dog will immediately understand.

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